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We offer a wide variety of engineering and construction services.

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M Silver Company Inc has been offering top-notch general contracting services to residential, commercial and industrial clients since 1980. We are a professional, full-service general contracting company, providing an array of services in the areas of construction management, design, consulting and carpentry. With close to four decades of expertise in projects involving design and carpentry jobs, we are dedicated to offering a smooth and competent experience to our clients throughout the Massachusetts, Merrimack Valley areas.

M Silver Company Inc
M Silver Company Inc
Historic preservation of 5 unit building on the verge of collapse in Newburyport

Minimization of Costs and Timely Delivery

The M Silver Company Inc brings to each project a wealth of experience.

  • Management of simultaneous projects with a proven track record of completing them within budget and deadlines.
  • Ability to negotiate with suppliers and subcontractors to minimize costs and ensure timely delivery of inventory replenishment.
  • Thorough understanding of all state and governmental agency requirements.
  • Extensive knowledge of a wide variety of engineering and construction work.

Our company has always had satisfied clients through the years. We offer a wide array of services.